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    Critical Needs

    In respect for the humanitarian NGO, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders). Their work in Haiti and in many parts of the world where medical care is scarce or nonexistent due to conflict, violence, neglect, and natural disasters is much to be admired.

    Graphite drawing on paper completed about a year ago based on a photo postcard from MSF.  


    The Photographer


    A powerful book documenting a 1986 Doctors Without Borders (MSF) mission into Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation.

    The Photographer is Didre Lefevre, who accompanied MSF and documented the mission. The book combines a narrative with illustrations by Emmanuel Guibert and Lefevre's photographs into a unique graphic documentary.

    It's at times, a heartbreaking story of the relentless suffering of the Afghan people and the personal struggle of Lefevre's journey. It's also inspirational as we are witnesses to the men and women of MSF who dedicate and often risk their lives for the service of others.