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    More little crawly things

    As a child, I was fortunate to live in Japan for a little over seven years. Like most Japanese boys, my attention focused on stag and rhino beetles (kuwagata and kagutomushi) during the summer months. Caught and kept in little cages, they were fed fruit slices with well placed short sticks to climb on.

    Males, with their ridiculously sized head armor, were much more desirable than the dowdy females. My friends and I would compare our he-man beetles for the size of their armor. This resulted in beetle envy running rampant in our little hearts sparking the elusive search for the most ultimate of he-man beetles.

    Above: acrylic on illustration board


    Woman, interpreted

    As the messy Shepard Fairey vs. AP lawsuit continues, the question of fair use in this case will be decided in court. The wider implications for creatives based on the outcome of this case is yet to unfold.

    I have used work from other artists as inspiration as in the example above. The U.S. Copyright Office has guidelines for fair use and should be recommended reading for all creatives. It's best we all educate ourselves to work from a position of knowledge.

    Above: detail of a vector graphic composed in Illustrator

    Lower: painting on silk (detail) by Eizan Kikukawa (1787-1867), published in "Ryokan A Japanese Tradition" by Gabriele Fahr-Becker


    Flower bat

    Halloween is around the corner so thought of completing a themed illustration

    Top: painted in Photoshop

    Lower: original image (cropped) from Japanese Patterns by Pepin van Roojen.