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This is an online journal and portfolio to chronicle a life in art, graphic design, typography and photography.

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    A Bird In Hand

    Illustration for a letterpress project. Quill pen and ink drawing on paper, scanned at 1200 dpi with line work refined in Photoshop CS4 using a Wacom stylus and tablet.

    The beautiful typeface is Matthew Carter's Sophia, composed in InDesign CS4.

    In addition to the drawing and type, the letterpress print will have three colors requiring separate printing plates as shown below (black signify printing areas).

    Letterpress resources: The Bieler Press, Tamburello Productions (film negatives)  


    A Dog's Dinner

    First true attempt at setting type on a Vandercook press. An upside down o in brown, three nonprinting characters likely from damaged type, overall faint printing... a dog's dinner really.

    Can't wait to try again.


    Red Within Zero

    Working to find a way.



    Calluna, a text and display face, is fast becoming a personal favorite. Introduced last summer, Calluna is the work of Jos Buivenga, the Dutch type designer | art director and the creator of the well-known Museo.

    Calluna has all the features of an OpenType face with a most impressive 723(!) glyphs. The regular weight of Calluna is a free download at and the other styles (8 total), is available for purchase. An interview with Jos on exploring his design philosophy, working process and the reason he gives away his fonts, is well worth a listen.

    Above: page from Calluna type specimen, published by exljbris Font Foundry © 2009 Jos Buivenga


    Typography radio

    My friend Susan is producing a radio program on typography this Friday, October 30th between 7 and 8 PM (US West Coast time).

    If you're in the San Francisco area, listen to it over the air on 960 AM. You can also listen to the simulcast on their website and join the live blog. If you can't listen to it live, it'll be available as a podcast.